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Policy on Playing up

  • Coventry Soccer supports playing AGE-APPROPRIATE.
  • Coventry Soccer follows the USYSA and CJSA guidelines for eligibility.
  • Coventry Soccer will continue to follow the CJSA guideline of no U7 player playing U9 or higher.
  • Coventry Soccer will continue to follow the CJSA guideline that there are no limits on the number of players playing up one year, as long as we adhere to the minimum number of age appropriate players required for the roster.
  • If a player wants to play-up, they can submit a request to the board and they MUST attend evaluations (held in June).
  • Players should try out/be evaluated with their age-appropriate group.  This allows us to see them in comparison with their peers.  If they are interested in playing up:  on the first night of evaluations they will be with their age-appropriate group, and on the second night of evaluations they can be with the older group.  If they can only attend one night, they MUST be evaluated age-appropriate.
  • If a player played with an older age-group in one season, they can evaluate with that group the following season.
  • Coventry Soccer needs to be mindful of what is best for the individual player, the team(s), and the club.
  • If a player is going to play up, they should be one of the top 3 players within the playing up team.
  • If a player is going to play up it needs to be agreed upon by the board, the player/parents, and both teams (the team they are age-appropriate for and the team they will be playing up with.)