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Important Information for Parents of
2nd Grade and up Coventry students
Coventry Soccer would like to take this chance to let you know about some of the changes that happen once your child graduates from the instructional ranks. Starting at 3rd grade, soccer in the Northeast District evolves into a travel situation. The state is divided into 7 districts. Coventry is in the Northeast District along with Bolton, Hebron, Mansfield, and every other town north of Colchester and east of Manchester. 
There are two levels of soccer that you can choose for your child to play.
1.   Division 4 (Comp)
a.     There are tryouts for this level and every kid is not guaranteed a spot on the team.
b.     Uniforms are purchased by the player and are theirs to keep.
c.      You will travel to other towns for games.
d.     Tournaments are available and are encouraged by the club. Tournament fees are the team’s responsibility.
2.   Division 5 (Rec)
a.     Everyone who signs up (on time) is guaranteed a spot on the team so long as we have enough player to form a team.
b.     Uniforms are purchased by the player and are theirs to keep.
c.     You will travel to other towns for games.
d.   The district at the conclusion of the season offers jamborees.
e.    There are no additional expenses for this level team.
Coventry Soccer wishes to provide a safe, enjoyable learning experience for all children who wish to participate. It is our goal to make sure that all who wish to play have a place to play. On that note there a few things I must make you aware of.
Early registration is essential!
Teams must be submitted to the district by the beginning of August. We as a club need to know how many teams to submit. Below is the Northeast Districts policy.
Northeast District Policy
a.    There can be no more than 16 kids on a roster for small sided teams.
b.   D5/Rec - Every player has to play half the game
c.    There are only 6 players plus a goalie on the field at a time.
d.   Each team should have no more than 13 kids at any game. 
This is not like instructional where the club runs it’s own program. Other towns and children count on us to be organized. In the past few years ½ of our signups are coming after the amount of teams we submit and the schedules have already been finalized. We cannot provide the best environment for all kids if we do not know who wants to participate.
        Again, we as a club have to do a better job of making you aware of the changes that occur in soccer at the 3rd grade and up level, I hope this will give you an idea of what the future holds for you, your child, and the wonderful world of soccer. Please check the website (csisoccer.org) at the end of winter so we can all be better prepared come next fall. 
 Open registration/sign-ups are generally held in May. We are hopeful that all registrations will be turned in by JUNE 1st. If we have all the players information turned in by this time we should be well on our way to a very successful season for all.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,