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To all Coventry Soccer Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers and Board Members

The Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) Risk Management policy requires that every adult, volunteer, employee, administrator, etc., obtain an on-line background check.

Any person involved in CJSA, state, district, club, or any of its teams, (recreation, travel, etc.), as a coach, assistant coach, manager, administrator, board member, or director, etc. must complete this online CJSA background check.

For the safety of all of our members and volunteers, please complete the steps below—it’s a simple process:



  1. Go to http://www.cjsa.org/resource_center/cjsa_background_check/
  2. Accept the disclaimer.
  3. Follow the prompts.
  4. When it comes up with the CJSA club listing, scroll until you find Coventry Soccer (it’s not sorted).
  5. Select “Package 1.”
  6. Complete the Application page—this information is kept 100% confidential. 
  7. Confirmation page appears—you’re done.

Please note:

  • ALL background checks will be kept confidential.
  • The CJSA will provide each club a listing of which members completed the background check--names only--so we can make sure everyone has done it. Your club will NOT be provided any other information – with one exception, noted below.
  • To ensure utmost privacy for everyone involved, only the CJSA Risk Management Chairperson and the individual completing the background check will be notified of a negative report by the system.
  • The Risk Management Chairperson would confirm with the individual that the negative report is correct. Once confirmation is done, the club president and state registrars would be notified that the individual is ineligible for participation in CJSA. No one but the CJSA Risk Management Chairperson will have the actual criminal findings from the system and this will NOT be given out.
  • For any specific questions and concerns, individuals should contact CSI directly, we will in turn contact the CJSA office directly.
  • Background checks are good for 3 years, after which you will be notified directly by email.  If you are still particicapting in Coventry Soccer you can resubmit at that time.

Lastly, if a person refuses to complete the background check they will be ineligible for participation in CJSA.

Thanks for your help and patience with this - our main priority is to ensure the safety of all our children.