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The coaching staff and representatives of Coventry Soccer, Inc. are all volunteers and we must understand that children participate in soccer to have fun.


Never forget the game of soccer is just that – a game. In the end, it’s not about wins and losses or trophies collected. It is not about the number of goals scored or conceded. It’s about enjoying the game, developing a passion for the sport, good sportsmanship, team comradery and developing soccer and life skills.


Proper development requires children to play age appropriate activities so they may experience, comprehend and execute the game at their own stage of physical and mental development.


This requires playing different positions and exposing them to different situations so the players learn all skills necessary to develop and become successful.


It is about receiving equal time, so players are given equal opportunity to learn.


It is all about learning the techniques of the game through a variety of activities where players have as much interaction with a ball as possible to help them learn at their own pace.


Team Goals:

Team goals are at the discretion of the coach but, our primary goal as an organization is to have fun. We will assist players in improving their balance and coordination, while providing them opportunities to develop their skills through drills, scrimmages and match play. Please feel free to contact your child’s coach about specific goals and/or additional development opportunities.


Player Evaluations:

All players are encouraged to attend an annual evaluation session. These events are held in June and are the basis for our fall and spring competitions teams. Players will be independently evaluated. Coaches for these teams do not evaluate players at their age level. When a player is selected to participate on competition level team, they are representing the best of the best. Players on these teams are held to higher standards and may not receive equal playing time.


Expectations of Players



Our coaches have made a commitment and will be at every practice and match, foregoing any unforeseen emergencies. Please make every attempt to have your child at every practice (on time) as well. Practice is more important than games at this age, therefore, it is essential that you attend practice with a positive attitude and demonstrate the proper amount of discipline and commitment to improving individual and team skills.


If your child cannot attend a practice or game, please let your coach/trainer know ahead of time, preferably at least several hours prior. Please have your child at the field prior to their practice or match. It is important to get sufficiently warmed up and be prepared for a game; it is impossible for a player to do that if they are running on the field moments before the game is scheduled to start. Consult with your child’s coach on this expectation, some coaches may require up to 30 minutes to prepare a team for match play. Children should be picked up promptly after every session.


For our instructional players, parents/guardians and caregivers should remain at practices and matches throughout duration.


Players should be dressed in proper attire and prepared to participate. These items include a properly sized ball, water bottle, shin guards and appropriate footwear.



Players must accept the responsibility and privilege of representing Coventry by always displaying positive public actions. Demonstration of respect for opponents, coaches and referees before, during and after games is a must. Players are expected satisfy the high standards of sportsmanship by:


  • Treating opponents with respect - shaking hands after games and taking a knee quickly when a player is injured, including clapping when they leave the field.
  • Respecting the judgment of referees, abiding by rules of the games and refraining from behavior that could incite players/fans (i.e. - questioning calls, gestures, taunting, "show-boating" etc.).
  • Cooperating with referees, coaches and fellow participants to conduct a fair game. 
  • Accepting favorable and unfavorable decisions, as well as victory and defeat, with equal grace.



If players are acting inappropriately, they will be asked to modify their behavior. If they fail to do so after warnings, coaches may be forced to sit them down for a discussion. If the behavior continues, parents/guardians/caregivers may be engaged in hopes of finding a way to resolve the behavior, without distracting the other players, their experiences or the team. The more we communicate, the more we can assure the practice environment is fun and safe for everyone.


Expectations of Parents


Sideline Behavior:

Please be supportive and enthusiastic on the sideline. Represent your team and the organization in a professional manner.  In the spirit of this, there is absolutely NO shouting from the sidelines unless it is to cheer positively for the team. The players and our coaches will truly appreciate your applause and encouragement.


IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT COACH your child from the sidelines, CHEER FOR THEM.  If everyone is coaching, this will only confuse the players. The players need to make their own decisions. It is our roles as coaches to support them and educate them. Remember, on the sideline, you are a role model for the players. Please be stewards of the game. To ensure proper sideline behavior please note the following:

  •  Support all the players in your child’s squad. Do not criticize anyone. REMEMBER – children don’t intentionally make mistakes.
  • Be your child’s biggest fan and support them unconditionally.
  • When you take your child home after a match or training session, please be supportive and always focus on the positive aspects of his or her game. Support the team and coaches.
  • Do not criticize your child’s coach to your child or other parents.
  • Respect decisions made by coaches. Encourage your child to speak with the coach. If your child is having difficulties in training or games, or can’t attend training etc. encourage them to speak directly to the coaches. This “responsibility taking” is a big part of becoming a mature person. By handling off the field tasks, your child is claiming ownership of all aspects of the game.
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers must not coach from the sideline during matches or training. Leave this to the coach or manager, doing so may cause confusion and erode your child’s confidence.
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers must not enter the field of play.
  • Help your child to focus on the performance and not the result. Remember – winning is not as important as the performance.
  • Respect opposing fans, coaches, participants and the facilities at our opponents’ grounds.
  • Respect decisions made by referees. Never audibly dispute a referee’s decision. They will make mistakes occasionally. We all do. If you abuse or shout at the referee you are breaking the rules of the game and risk generating a fine for the club. In extreme circumstances, we could even be expelled from the League, be forced to play all our games away or play without spectator’s present.
  • Fill out a coach's evaluation at end of season - this feedback provides Coventry Soccer with information on how the coaches are doing.


If anyone displays inappropriate sideline behavior, they will be asked to leave the field, which nobody wants.

In the event a circumstance arises where you disagree with a coach or are dissatisfied, we ask that you respect our 24-Hour Rule:


  • Please allow 24 hours to pass before speaking to the coach after a practice/game if there is something you are dissatisfied with.  This allows both parties a cool down period and time to reflect on the situation. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Also, please keep in mind that ALL coaches for CSI are volunteers and may be new to our organization.



We encourage open communication and questions between Parents and Coaches. It is our expectation that all communications be conducted in a manner that is respectful to both parties.


Communications Parents Should Expect from the Coach:

  • Preferred method of contact and availability
  • Philosophy and goals of the program
  • Coach expectations for individual players and the team
  • Location and times of practices and games
  • Team rules and guidelines
  • Procedures to be followed if a player is injured during participation (Note:  Any child exhibiting signs of a concussion- nausea, dizziness, etc. - will not be put back into the game and will require a note from his doctor clearing him for participation in future practices and games.  No exceptions!)
  • Upon request – a verbal evaluation or progress report on your child's development, including both strengths and areas of focus for future development


Communications Coaches Should Expect from Players and Parents:

  • Concerns expressed directly to the Head Coach and Assistant Coach
  • Notification of any schedule conflicts - in advance
  • Notification of illness or injury - as soon as possible


Appropriate Concerns for Discussion with the Coaches:

  • The treatment of your child
  • Methods to help your child improve his/her skills
  • Concerns about a player’s behavior


Issues Not Appropriate for Discussion with the Coaches:

While our coaches are committed to open communication with parents, we recommended establishing a meeting/phone call to address concerns at a time that will not interfere when attention is directed to the players. 


Instances when feedback may not be permissible:

  • Before and during a game. This time is dedicated to our players and not appropriate for a parent/guardian/caregiver to approach a coach to discuss game or individual player concerns. An exception to this request is an incident when a player is injured. Coaches will be available immediately after a game to discuss the situation and any concerns with parents
  • When a concern involves the head coach. For these matters we encourage parents/guardians/caregivers to contact one of the board of directors


Electronic Communication:

Today, there are variety of ways to communicate. Our coaches will determine a method that best suits their needs. This may be email, text messages, etc. We encourage families to consider downloading the League Athletics app on their smartphones. There are a great deal of players and events to coordinate, in the event of a last-minute game or practice cancellation, you will receive notifications as soon as we are aware of the change. In addition, you can check the Clubs website and Facebook page for updates on field closures.


We are excited for a great year and hope you and your child are as well. Let’s all have fun and enjoy the game. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, .


See you on the field!


CSI Board of Directors